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Now here is genealogy news again. I have a lot of information, that still is missing in my family tree.

I have updated one of the family's branches, with people who were living in Marvede parish (my grandfather's mother's family), but I have the feeling that there is still some information, I have not entered. With the latest update, I have brought a single branch back to my 7 x great grandparents, born in 1630.

Now I am working on another family branch - my grandfather's grandmother's family. Here I have found a relative through My Herritage. If the information fits, there is a branch that goes back to people born around 1580. It should be my 11 x great grandparents. So far, I have entered my 7 x great grandparents, as you can se in the family tree.

I have now removed the old Family tree that was made directly from Legacy, and the pages that were created with the phpGedView program that is not being updated anymore.

Now the genealogy pages are presented using the Webtrees program.

Currently there are some features that do not work, among other the map function. Some day members of the family will be able to get a user account. With a user acount you will be able to see sources and notes.

Remember, it is possible to search for place names and see relationships between two people. There is no information about living people. Notes and sources are not available.

You will find the family pages here. Have fun with the family search.

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You have found a homepage, belonging to a teacher in the public school, who is very interested in genealogy and local history. 

My name is Keld Andersen, and I live in Åside near Tappernøje - a little village in the southeastern part of Næstved municipality on the island Sjælland in Denmark.

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I'm born in 1957 and started to be a little interested in my relatives as early as 1970, but I didn't find out much at that time. In 1986 I started the genealogy seriously.

Unfortunately it is so, that you can't use 24 hours a day on your hobby, so sometimes there are not much new in my genealogy.

I have 5804 persons in my database today.

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I am also:

        • unpaid employee in Fladså Arkiv (Fladså Archives)
        • member of the committee in Fladså lokalhistoriske Forening (local history)
        • member of the committee in Everdrup Foredragsforening (lecture society)
        • alternate and webmaster in Snesere Bylaug (village association)
        • member of DIS-Danmark (genealogy)
        • member of Slægt og Data DIS-Næstved (genealogy).

My e-mail is: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.